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  • Website Designing

    Want to make a statement about Your business on the Internet? Then You need a site that is truly "working", and we know how to create such. Our company provides full cycle of works from website designing to programming, and further promotion on the Web.

  • Landing Page creation

    Landing Page is a term which has come to our everyday life not so long ago. Probably this is the reason why its’ pros and cons are being greatly debated even today. Initially a landing page itself represented a single page created for advertising purposes in order to direct online traffic to it from online ads and social networks.

  • Website Promotion

    The effectiveness of the site depends on the quality of its promotion on the web. Our company knows how to build a strategy of promotion in the Internet and offers a complete range of SEO-optimization, direct marketing and special placement in Yandex, promotion in social networks, contextual advertising, etc.

  • Website maintenance

    Our employees know that any web resource needs systematic work on its development, that's why we offer not only the creation of websites, but also their further maintenance, including work with the content, application of new technical solutions, as well as help in solving any problems that arise.

  • Hosting & Domains

    A well-chosen domain name plays an important role in success and brand memorability of your company's brand in the Web. We register domains in all areas of the Internet, providing stable hosting, ensuring safety and protection of your website.

  • Analytics

    Evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and further development of the web site are impossible without analytical work. A detailed qualitative report will help you understand which direction to go, what urgent problems need to be addressed to strengthen the position of your company among competitors.

  • Server Maintenance

    The placement of Internet resources is often performed on leased or virtual servers based on OS Linux/ Unix. T.T.Consulting company provides services for the initial setup and maintenance of such servers.

  • Information Security Audit

    The staff of "T.T.Consulting" has been carrying out professional activities in the field of information technology for 18 years. We are proud of hundreds of completed projects of varying complexity. Our company is ready to conduct a comprehensive audit of IT-infrastructure of your organization, analyze its security and possible risks.

  • 3D-panoramas

    Your product, show room or retail store can be presented live on your site. 3D-panoramas technologies allow to give your customers the complete sense of actually holding your product or walking around your show room or store.

  • 1C:Enterprise

    We offer a wide range of services in 1C programs, from updating and setup to developing industry-specific solutions for businesses, formation of EDC system and system performance optimization.

  • Development of Terms of Reference

    Terms of Reference is a document that sets out the basic objectives of the development, product requirements, and defines terms and stages of the work, regulations for acceptance testing.

  • Writing a business plan

    Business plan is a foundation defining the objectives of the project, containing a comprehensive analysis, long-term forecasts, as well as a structured document describing each stage of the project. It has a complex structure, and its preparation takes a lot of time and effort.

  • SMM

    Promotion in social networks is a set of marketing activities designed to create awareness among the audience about the brand, services, products, etc. Awareness is the first yet very important step without which all further work dedicated to creation and promotion of the brand will actually come to naught.


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