Administration and support of "1C"

"1C" Software has been successfully used by many companies for many years, including large and medium-sized and even small businesses. This popularity is due to many factors. In particular, all 1C programs are tailored to modern international management techniques (MRP II, CRM, SCM, ERP, ERP II, and others.) They meet the real needs of the enterprise, which often go beyond standard functionality of these techniques.

1C Company, in turn, continuously analyzes the real experience of users of its programs and keeps track of all changes in their needs, regularly updating and improving its products. Such systematic work allows 1C programs to constantly remain relevant and in high demand.

If you are already using 1C programs or just planning to do so, then you should be interested in our offer. We offer a wide range of services in 1C programs, from updating and setup to developing industry-specific solutions for businesses, formation of EDC system and system performance optimization.

1. Updating 1C programs

If you are already using 1C programs, but you need to update and optimize them, we offer a range of services, including:

  • monthly visits by our specialist to update the information system at user's workplace;
  • services to update your 1C software;
  • advice on how to use and work with ITS information system;
  • demonstration of relevant ITS information system materials, as well as advice on using it;
  • access to Company's free consulting line.

2. Configuring 1C to the needs of the client

The subject is so extensive and having its own features in every implementation, so we will consider only some of the options.

  • Standard features required by almost everyone include creation of external reports, tools, printing templates.
  • If the customer wants to eliminate the human factor when working with the system, standard business-processes should be created. This is one of the most voluminous and interesting tasks in this category. But it is one of the most difficult, too, often involving creating the company's operations scheme as such. Development of the initial "skeleton" of the work is perhaps the most critical part, for any future changes can be very time consuming.
  • Creating relevant components for use with external non-standard equipment (e.g. filling unit).
  • Uploading databases from third-party programs.

3. Industry Solutions

If standard solutions are not suitable to solve business problems, an industry-specific solution should be created . This is a completely new system, built for the needs of the customer. Work on such solution is usually voluminous and resource-intensive in terms of time for development and implementation. In most cases, highly qualified specialists in the industry should be attracted by both customer and contractor for such work. The result is creation of the most effective solution for a specific business.

4. Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Electronic document management is the ability to exchange legally important electronic documents instead of paper form.

In Russia, a fully comprehensive statutory framework for a legally valid electronic document turnover has been fully formed, which, among other things, includes the exchange of electronic invoices. Undeniable advantages of electronic document management are responsible for its growing popularity with each passing year. Many businesses and organizations are beginning to switch to paperless exchange with customers and suppliers. Paperless turnover not only helps to reduce the cost of postal delivery, supplies, maintenance of archives, but also improves the efficiency of the organization. In accounting, you will no longer encounter problems with documentary evidence of costs, manual input errors, search for documents in archives. Sales department will be able to issue original e-mail invoices, confirm and monitor accounts receivables without participation of the accounting department. Administration may negotiate and sign documents from anywhere in the world.

All of these features, as well as many others, will be available if you use EDM services . These services are simple and easy to use. To name only some of their advantages:

  • forming, signing and sending an electronic document is done by pressing one key, much easier than issuing a paper document;
  • EDM can use any electronic signature certificate recognizable by the Federal Tax Service of Russia;
  • you can exchange not only invoices, but also all other documents: way bills, certificates, purchase orders, and so on;
  • incoming documents in "1C" database are generated automatically based on electronic templates, you only have to pass them through.

5. Performance Monitoring Services

Performance optimization is required if:

  • speed and reliability of the information system is critical to the business;
  • the system is very slow: low speed of documents entry, report formation;
  • during operation, programs show timeouts or deadlocks messages;
  • regular deterioration of information system performance, especially during accounting periods;
  • program 1C: Enterprise exits with error messages;
  • a new automation project starts, and there is a need to have high database performance and system reliability.

If you are interested in our proposals regarding the work with 1C programs, or you wish to receive additional information associated with them, we will be happy to answer all your questions by phone +7 (812) 459 49 39.


We will prepare a quotation for the administering and support of
1C Enterprise, and then send it to you. Remember that the more information you provide, the more precise our offer will be.

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