Evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and further development of the web site are impossible without analytical work. A detailed qualitative report will help you understand which direction to go, what urgent problems need to be addressed to strengthen the position of your company among competitors.

The detailed analytical report identifies strengths and weaknesses of the company's brand on the Internet. Properly interpreted findings and correctly set the priorities for further work will significantly enhance the operation of the site as a tool for promoting your business. Analytics fully reveals the problematic side of the resource, allowing you to predict the possible results, helping to significantly improve the company's position in the Internet in short time. We guarantee the accuracy and relevance of our conclusions, as well as readiness for dialogue with customer to identify the most appropriate model for development of the site based on analytical data.

What does an online resource analysis include?

  • Checking the online resource for compliance with standards. W3C validator is used as a tool. The result (in case of compliance with standards) will be equivalent display of the site in different browsers.
  • Audit of resource usability to targeted visitors, analysis of enter and exit pages (where your potential customers come and leave). Metric appliance ( is used as a tool, which is connected in case of need.
  • Setting objectives, analysis of achieving objectives by a potential client (for example, ordering a product or viewing information on the product or service). Setting the list of necessary actions to increase conversion rate.
  • Analysis of the current release by search engines (used tools - Results include: the current position of the resource in listing by the specified keywords, errors in resource indexing by search engines, availability or absence of the resource on Yandex/ Google maps, analysis for malicious codes, and more.
  • Analysis of the current advertising campaigns, optimization (cancellation of the inefficient and complementing the existing ones, the use of "negative keywords", separation of ad contents into groups of services, goods or activities, adding "quick links", etc.). Result - cost reduction, increase in the number of conversions.
  • Analysis of the current load on the resource and optimization (recommendations for hardware and software). Possible result - an increase in the number of conversions by reducing response time of the resource (for example, when you change web hosting account to virtual server, hereinafter referred to as VS) or, conversely, decrease costs by switching to a hosting account from the existing VS if it is not necessary. In case the Customer has a VS, our company can carry out the security audit of server configuration in terms of availability of data accessible to potential attacker and representing the customer's trade secret .
  • Analysis of project documentation and instructions to support the project by the Customer. Help at the stage of acceptance of existing projects from third-party developers or monitoring acceptance/ delivery stages of in-house IT departments that perform some of the functions of Internet projects implementation or support.
  • SEO-audit (resource optimization for search engines). Check for the correct page headers, availability of keywords in the content, descriptions and the list of keywords, etc. The result – making a list of the necessary actions to improve positions in popular search engine listings (Yandex, Google).

Of course, this list of works is not complete and may be adjusted depending on the requirements of a particular client or project. Analytics and audit of your site will help you to optimize the cost of maintaining an Internet project in the shortest possible time. The plan provided as a result of the work can be the basis for making adjustments. If necessary, T.T.Consulting specialists may indicate the approximate time of work under each item (it will help control the existing contractor's performance) or implement the described works on their own.


We will prepare a quotation for Internet resource analytics, and then send it to you. Remember that the more information you provide, the more precise our offer will be.

from 12 000 rub/2 weeks