Information Security Audit

The staff of "T.T.Consulting" has been carrying out professional activities in the field of information technology for 18 years. We are proud of hundreds of completed projects of varying complexity.

All employees of "T.T.Consulting" company have extensive experience in the field of information technologies, higher professional education and hold dedicated certificates. Our staff includes system administrators, communications specialists, computer programmers, engineers, 1C experts.

Our company is ready to conduct a comprehensive audit of IT-infrastructure of your organization, analyze its security and possible risks. This check will focus on the following objectives:

  • Analysis of risks associated with the possibility of implementation of security threats towards IT-infrastructure resources.
  • Assessment of the current security level of IT-infrastructure.
  • Development of proposals for localization of bottlenecks in IP protection system and increase of effectiveness for the existing IT-infrastructure security mechanisms.
  • Conformity assessment of IT-infrastructure in relation to the existing standards in the field of information security.

The audit will be conducted in the following segments and services:

  • Functional analysis of the domain controller, domain in general and its security policies.
  • Functional analysis of mail server.
  • Functional analysis of anti-virus system.
  • Functional analysis of the terminals server and VPN-server.
  • Functional analysis of FTP-server.
  • Functional analysis of the Internet channel, routing equipment, NAT and firewall.
  • Selective assessment of workstations operation and correctness of their software settings.
  • Analysis of rights distribution to access file resources.

After completion of work, you will be presented a progress report, consisting of the following parts:

  • Description of the objectives of the audit.
  • Characterization of the surveyed IT-infrastructure.
  • Methods of analysis used.
  • Results of audit data analysis.
  • Conclusions summarizing the results of the analysis and assessment of security level of your company's IT-infrastructure.
  • Recommendations to address gaps and improving the system of IT-infrastructure protection.


We will prepare a quotation for Audit of IT-infrastructure of Your organization, analyze its security and possible risks involved, and then send it to you. Remember that the more information that you can provide, the more precise our offer will be.

from 12 000 rub/2 weeks