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Landing Page is a term which has come to our everyday life not so long ago. Probably this is the reason why its’ pros and cons are being greatly debated even today. Initially a landing page itself represented a single page created for advertising purposes in order to direct online traffic to it from online ads and social networks.

What are the advantages of landing pages in comparison with multipage websites? A landing page is easily optimized for key words and the end objective of such page is conversion, for example persuading a user into making an order or getting a subscription.

As a rule, landing pages are not overloaded with excessive information or graphics. They do not contain any ads since in a general sense they ARE the advertisement. A crucial part of landing page creation is design. A page must be attractive and informative at the same time. To achieve this balance one should use inforgraphics.

When creating a landing page one should stick to the simplicity principle. In order for a user to make a series of required steps this series must be obvious and each step of this sequence must be clear and simple. When possible one should place “real” information such as actual feedback from users. This technique always enhances users’ confidence and trust in your product.

The number of landing websites has drastically grown recently. Some companies hold to the opinion that landing pages are a valid alternative to a traditional multipage website. Opinions of the experts on this subject vary. The way we see it, landing pages are a temporary solution to the problem.

Creating a landing page requires far less time than setting up a multipage website. The cost of a landing page is also smaller. One can even use one of many free services that create landing pages for you, but one must acknowledge the fact that such templet landing pages will differ from the landing pages with an individual design and their effectives will not be as high.

We offer landing page creation with an individual design which will include all your requirements and the particularities of your corporate style.


We will prepare a commercial offer to create a landing page and send it to you. Please note, the more information you provide us with the more accurate will be the commercial offer.

from 12 000 rub/week


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