Hosting & Domains

A well-chosen domain name plays an important role in success and brand memorability of your company's brand in the Web. We register domains in all areas of the Internet, providing stable hosting, ensuring safety and protection of your website.

Domain registration is an important first step for placing the site on the Internet. It is important to choose the right domain name, providing easy remembering of the company name associated with its concepts or services presented at corporate site. That is why it is important to consider options well in advance and register the right name before it is taken up by competitor. Our company offers domain registration in any area of the Internet. You can check out whether the selected domain name is vacant and apply for registration of that domain name for you and your company. We also provide hosting services, providing secure storage of your resource.

Hosting is a service of accommodating online resources, web services, applications and any other virtual content. A distinctive advantage of hosting is its low cost, since a single physical server can accommodate multiple logical accounts of customers.

We offer the following tariff plans:

Characteristics of virtual hosting tariffs TTC-1 TTC-2 TTC-3 TTC-4
Place under sites 1 2 4 8
Sites per one account 1 4 8 16
Domains per folder unlimited
unlimited unlimited unlimited
Sub-domains unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Price per month (rubles). 88.5 177 295 483.8
Price per 6 months (rubles). 531 991.2 1628.4 2690.4
Price per 12 months (rubles). 920.4 1699.2 2973.6 5097.6
PHP support да да да да
Quantity of DB MySQL 0 4 8 16
FTP-accounts 1 4 8 16
Mail boxes 5 30 unlimited unlimited

Minimum payment periods for new hosting accounts:

  • TTC-1 - 3 months,
  • TTC-2, TTC-3, TTC-4 - 1 month.

If you order or extend web hosting account for a period of 1 year, one domain name in zones RU, SU, COM, SPB.RU is provided for free.

What are the advantages of our company's hosting?

  • Powerful high-performance servers located in secure data centers.
  • Modern control panel of our own design with user-friendly interface
  • Compatibility with various scripts. If necessary, our engineers will always help you make the necessary adjustments in the hosting settings, edit .htaccess or determine the cause of error.

In addition to hosting accounts we offer accommodation services for virtual servers (VS). We have our own Supermicro servers, proven to be cost-effective and reliable solutions for small and medium businesses. The main advantage of a virtual server is an information space dedicated to the needs of the specific customer, where we install the required operating system with all the necessary software. In this case, the performance of the server does not depend on the load of physical server as a whole (as in case of hosting with distribution of load between accounts), but only on the resources allocated to VS, which are permanently assigned to it.

To understand the distinctive features of hosting and virtual server please consider this example. In case of hosting an account is given no more than 5% of the total resources the server has. If a five-percent load is exceeded, the alternative is allocation of a larger number of resources at the expense of free ones. But if at that moment these resources are needed in another account, the first one does not get them. In renting a virtual server the work is organized differently: the physical server hosts a software server of virtual machines. Each VS has its own operating system installed, under which the Internet resource or another web service runs. This technology allows strict fixing of certain resources for a certain VS, for example, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD, and 1000 MHz CPU. At any time, these resources are available to the site, located at VS, which can spend them according to the current load (for example, the number of users online).

As an additional service, we offer masking IP-addresses of your resources, i.e. an extra protection from DDoS-attacks (Distributed Denial of Service). This type of attack is characterized as an attempt to destroy the resource or the server (on which the resource rests) by increasing the load on it. The result of such an attack would be lack of access to the resource from legitimate users and potential customers. 

Recently, DDoS-attacks are increasingly being used as an illegal method of competitive struggle. Many companies are facing difficulties, of which they had no idea before. Along with the development of methods and variety of cyber attacks, ways of dealing with them are invented. Masking IP-addresses helps prevent DDoS-attacks in semi-automatic mode on the basis of pre-formed rules. In this case, domain's A- record begins to refer to the provided IP-address at which the query processing and filtering is done. If the request is found to be safe, all data is routed to Customer's server. This approach is optimal to ensure a resource's security.

If you are interested in our offer or you need more information on hosting tariffs, renting virtual servers, protection from DDoS-attacks, as well as other issues related to the deployment of Internet resources, we will be happy to answer all your questions by phone +7 (812) 459 49 39.