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The effectiveness of the site depends on the quality of its promotion on the web. Our company knows how to build a strategy of promotion in the Internet and offers a complete range of SEO-optimization, direct marketing and special placement in Yandex, promotion in social networks, contextual advertising, etc.

Practice shows that it is not enough for the company just to have a website on the Internet, because if no one visits the site, its efficiency is equal to zero. Website promotion purports to draw attention to the site and, as a consequence, increase its efficiency.
We are on the market for almost twenty years and know all the details of promotion of various content sites . The whole process is completely transparent, so we give our clients an opportunity to independently monitor the results and submit detailed reports on performance changes and efficiency of our activities.

To improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, it is necessary to use various marketing tools: post data on several sites at once (blogs, thematic forums, social networks), work with opinion leaders in thematic groups, initiate informational reasons, form a system of interaction with electronic media, design contests within the projects and co-branding program with similar target audience brands. All this is done within the marketing promotion plan , but the same applies to the budget for promotion on the Internet.

Classic ways of cooperation envisage payment for our services partly by advertising budget on direct marketing (yandex, google, begun). We perform SEO-optimization of the resource selecting the required number of keywords and queries and fixing positions on these queries in search engines. If necessary, we can do link exchange for a fee in order to increase PR and TIC of the resource (the main performance indicators).

The cost for promotion of Internet resources that we can offer will depend on the list of keywords, a preliminary assessment of advertising budget carried out by means of, the list of regions and the number of search engines. In general, the following formula will apply:

(X*Y*Z + X*Y*Z / 3)*C, where X - the amount of advertising budget covering no less than 70% of shows on direct site, Y - number of search engines, Z - number of regions. The first addend is the amount of the advertising budget, the second - the value of work for promotion and SEO-Optimization. C - duration of the advertising campaign (preliminary assessment - 6 months). Z and C will be specified during the negotiation phase.

We do not practice "cheap ways of promotion" of Internet resources. We offer only proven options, where each item of the plan is responsible for a certain number of visitors and certain objectives pursued. The plan for promotion of the Internet resource in free issue may look as follows:

  1. Purchase of permanent links, which can increase the weight of the resource and its instant popularity (not mandatory, but significantly reduces the time and cost of direct promotion in the future):
    1. Registration in Yandex catalog ( Cost - 12,500 rubles. + VAT lumpsum (rates - For posting on the site you must specify the details of the legal entity. Sites hosted in are positioned above competitors having no reference in
    2. Priority registration in Yandex maps (, 28.800 rub./ year or 9,600 rubles./ 90 days (rates - Priority registration will increase the popularity of the resource.
    3. Registration in the reference and information service Cost - 6,900 rubles./ year (rates -
    4. Registration in (affects Google's listing). Free; application review period - up to 3 months. Sites featured in are above competitors without reference in
  2. Launching advertising campaigns in search engines (, google.adwords 20.000 - 60.000 rubles./ Mo./ search engine - depends on the list of key words and number of regions). Result - instant pay-off, increase of site traffic.
  3. Placing links to free directories and thematic resources (increase of number of inbound links, the weight of the resource). You pay only for work (12.750 rub./ 3 months), but the effect of paid links is achieved in a much shorter period, because they are more efficient.
  4. Purchase of paid links on exchanges (3.000 - 24.000 rubles./ month. Depends on the list of key words). Increases weight of the resource, i.e. the number of thematic inbound links to your site. The higher the weight, the higher the position in free search results upon thematic requests. The more thematic links, the more direct hits on them, and, respectively, increase of the site's traffic .

A part of these methods is aimed at the instant increase of demand, and some of them will work in the long term (weight gain and promotion of the resource in free search results). The choice depends on the strategy and possible budget. Frequently, these two methods are combined. Of the above, sections 1.2, 2, 1.3 – are paid monthly and are aimed at an instant increase in demand (the catalogue and 008 service are paid for the period and direct - based upon monthly hits). In section 2, you can cover the two search systems (Yandex + Google), which increases the amount of (and return) twofold. Payment for the work - 30% of the advertising budget, but not less than 5000 rubles. Sections 1.1, 1.4, 3, 4, 5 – are working for the future (weight increases, and thus the position of free listing). The launch of two directions gives the one distinct advantage - instant pay-off with parallel work for the future. Direct's cost is approximate and depends on the list of key words and number of regions.

Our advantages are as follows:

  1. Extensive experience of integration with various accounting systems and databases.
  2. Our own content management system MViva CMS, which does not require the purchase of licenses (the system is provided with open sources and does not tie the customer to a particular contractor).
  3. Experience with various management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, UMI, Bitrix, proved by a large number of resources created on the basis of each of these CMS.
  4. Experience working with highly loaded resources (,,, etc.).
  5. Our own staff of designers, illustrators, web designers and programmers in different directions, which allows us to implement any tasks in the shortest possible times.  
  6. Development of individual systems for specific tasks of the customer. With this approach it is possible to identify a number of advantages over the typical solutions: high speed, narrow focus (e.g., a typical control system can be used both by a florist's shop , and a film company, although each of these businesses may have their own important specific features), ease of management systems (typical systems have a redundant set of functions).


We will prepare our Website Promotion quotation and send it to you. Remember that the more information you provide, the more precise our offer will be.

Big Business

from 460 000 rub/ 6 months

Small business

from 30 000 rub/ month


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