Server Maintenance

The placement of Internet resources is often performed on leased or virtual servers based on OS Linux/ Unix. T.T.Consulting company provides services for the initial setup and maintenance of such servers.

The following work servicing works can be accomplished:

  • regular monitoring and maintenance of servers performance;
  • planning preventive measures to avoid malfunctions and failures, their identification and correction, maintenance failure statistics;
  • Revealing the facts of equipment failures;
  • backup, restoring data from backup;
  • installation of software updates, keeping update archives;
  • maintenance of applied software;
  • diagnostics, load testing of servers and applications;
  • documenting the current state of server infrastructure, server and application settings;
  • keeping operations log book;
  • providing operations log books upon Customer's request;
  • preparation of reports and proposals to optimize operation.

Midnight Commander

Software configuration of servers offered from our part is as follows (optimal for most purposes): CentOS 5/6 x32/ x64, LAMP (Linux + Apache (httpd) + MySQL + PHP + GD/ Crypt), VSFTP, Postfix, SendMail, PHPMyAdmin, IPTables (open SSH, FTP, 25 (Postfix - for localhost), 80 - httpd, closed ICMP), Cron, utilities (MC, XTerm, HTop, MemCached).


We will prepare a quotation for Server Maintenance, and then send it to you. Remember that the more information you provide, the more precise our offer will be.

from 2 000 rub/month