Website Designing

Want to make a statement about Your business on the Internet? Then You need a site that is truly "working", and we know how to create such. Our company provides full cycle of works from website designing to programming, and further promotion on the Web.

Do we need to mention once again how important the work on the Internet is for business development? We don't think so; the ever increasing online audience is the best proof of that. But just having a website is not enough, you need this site to stand out among others, attract attention and be memorable, and to make it this way is our job.  

Our websites are, above all, a harmonious blend of original design, high quality content and easy navigation that allow you to show the character of your company and stand out from the competition.  

Project cycle of creating a web-site

Site development is a process that involves several stages and involves experts in various fields. Creating a website is not enough, it is necessary to fill in a unique content, place it on the Internet, index in major search engines, and attract the target audience.

Even before the creation process begins, we need to clearly think through its structure and architecture, because usability of the site is the key to its success.

T.T.Consulting Company offers "turnkey" website development solutions without the need to attract other contractors, which allows not only to save money on the project, but also to do all the work within the shortest timeframe. Development of the project takes 9-12 specialists, depending on its complexity.

Our development work usually involves the following experts:

  • Project Manager;
  • Web Designers;
  • Flash designer;
  • Technical designer;
  • Layout designer;
  • Developer;
  • Content manager;
  • Test engineer;
  • SEO (search engine optimization) specialist;
  • System administrator.

Stages of Internet resource development

  1. Defining goals and objectives of the project
    • Audit of the market and competitive environment
    • Designing goals and objectives of the resource
    • Setting pre-production tasks on the project
    • Drawing up a consulting project application
  2. Development of technical specifications
    • Determination of configuration and functionality of the site
    • Creating a map of site navigation
    • Setting tasks on interface resource design
    • Design prioritizing
    • Scheduling the project
    • Formation of several project budgeting options
  3. Website design
    • Development of three concepts of the main page of the resource
    • Selecting one of the options
    • Website design based on the selected option
    • Design of internal sections templates
  4. Designing the software part of the project
    • The choice of control system based on the design concept and technical specifications
    • HTML coding of the approved design templates
    • Integration of ready designs with the developed control system
    • Testing the project
  5. Introduction of the web-project
    • Copywriting
    • Information contents of the project
    • Testing and preparing the server to host the site
    • Placing the site on Customer's server
    • Final testing of the site on Customer's server
    • Registration of the site in major search engines
  6. Maintenance of the web project
    • Maintenance of the site (advertising, SEO, technical support)
    • Copywriting
    • Formation of brand communication system on the Web
    • Analysis of website traffic


We will prepare our Site Designing quotation and send it to you. Remember that the more information you provide, the more precise our offer will be.

Big Business

from 300 000 rub/ 3 months

Small business

from 30 000 rub/ 2 weeks

Content Management Systems:


1C – Bitrix: Website Management – professional web project management system, universal software product for creation, maintenance support and successful development of websites, social networks and other web-projects.


Joomla — content management system (CMS) written in PHP and JavaScript, stores data in MySQL database management system or in other industry-standard relational database management systems.


Drupal — content management system, also used as content management framework (CMF), written in PHP and stores data in relational database management systems.


WordPress — ideal platform for publications and oriented for visual attractiveness, standards support and user-friendly interface. WordPress is free and can be distributed without limitations.


Our works

You can review our other works in the ""Portfolio" section.

  • Site "Elagin park"

    Site "Elagin park"

    Client: Central Entertainment Park named after S.M.Kirov
    Project: Development of web-resource
  • Site "Sampo"

    Site "Sampo"

    Client: Sampo
    Project: Development of web-resource
  • Site "Neva Cheeses"

    Site "Neva Cheeses"

    Client: Neva Cheeses
    Project: Development of web-resource
  • Site "Gazprom gas distribution"

    Site "Gazprom gas distribution"

    Client: JSC "Gazprom gas distribution"
    Project: Development of web-resource