Promotion in social networks

Promotion in social networks is a set of marketing activities designed to create awareness among the audience about the brand, services, products, etc. Awareness is the first yet very important step without which all further work dedicated to creation and promotion of the brand will actually come to naught. If consumers know nothing about Your product, how can we talk about brand loyalty and about the brand in general?

That is why promotion in social networks is quite effective, because with its help You can keep constantly in touch with the target audience and have direct impact thereon, and get a quick response as well. Today, social networks cover a wide audience, so promotion will benefit almost any company, no matter in what area it works.

Promotion in social networks is a perfect way to get goal-oriented traffic of high quality to your resource. Unlike many marketing tools, general principle of the website promotion in social networks is absolutely not pegged to a particular web resource. Truly speaking, you need to accurately represent to yourself, who is actually your target audience, what specific features it has, and then, depending on that, proceed to promote one or another social network. Sometimes it is possible to confine to a single social network and a narrow range of subjects, but sometimes you need to involve several social networks at the same time. For example, if your target audience can be divided into several smaller groups that would be significantly different in social characteristics.

We offer services for promotion in the social networks:

  • VKontakte (
  • Facebook (

Our services include: creation and development of a group, attracting new members, raising a group to the top, maintaining the work of a group, as well as the creation and placement of a unique content. Examples of recent work -,,

The result is a potentially interested audience, the growth of which can be achieved by periodic content updates (viral advertising in the news of the existing members, and as their number grows, it increases coverage and the number of newly-joined).

Possible options for the distribution of the advertising budget can be as follows:

  • placement of the unique content – 4.100 rubles/month/group (10 working hours of a content manager);
  • paid placement for a particular audience agreed at the planning stage with the maximum CTR (minimum budget - 20.000 rubles/week).

Remember that regardless of the platform and tools, the main thing is the ability to enter into a confidential contact with the audience, establish dialogue with it, try to understand its real desires. Social networks mean communication.


We will prepare a quotation for the Promotion in social networks, and then send it to you. Remember that the more information you provide, the more precise our offer will be.

from 4 100 rub/ month