If you want to learn programming and obtain hands-on experience, we will be happy to assist you in this endeavor. Our staff, applying their knowledge in practice, is ready to share with you the intricacies and peculiarities of working with PHP, MySQL, SEO, LAMP, and many other applications. Based on our experience, we have developed 4 modern training courses in the following areas: programming (introductory course), OOP (Object Oriented Programming), configuring servers (Linux + Apache + MySQL) and website promotion. The courses are taught both by specialists in these areas, and heads of relevant departments, which will allow the future specialist to get a complete overview and practical knowledge in each subject. You are always welcome to contact us!

  • Programming
  • OOP programming
  • LAMP
  • Promotion

To become a good programmer, you need only one thing: to learn. Learn the theory and practice. Our company invites everyone to its basic programming course. The main objective of the course are to help a person who is interested in programming, but does not have sufficient knowledge for productive work in this area. The program is based on personal experience of our staff.

These courses will bring you much more good than self-learning from books or the Internet. In the courses you feel the support of the whole team, you can get a clear answer to any question. The program provides the right balance of theory and practice. After this course, students receive basic and confident programming skills.

Course program
  • introduction
  • variables
  • procedures and functions
  • arrays
  • PHP language structures
  • cycles for, foreach, while
  • conditions if, case
  • data processing GET/ POST
  • interaction with MySQL, PDO databases
  • injection SQL/ XSS and others
  • work with XML, parsing
  • Debugging (print_r, var_dump, error_log)

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The course "OOP Programming" is designed to acquaint you with the features of object-oriented programming. Our expert will convey to participants the basic OOP concepts, developing the students' systematic thinking. The course consists of a minimum of abstract information, and a maximum of useful data really applied in practical work.

The program consists of an introduction to the subject, basic concepts, analysis of specific positive and negative examples. The course will be interesting and useful to both beginners and practicing programmers.

Course program
  • introduction to OOP
  • classes and methods
  • encapsulation and inheritance
  • debugging
  • php 5.1->5.6, mysql 5.5->5.6/mariadb
  • mysql pdo
  • database optimization, indexes, explain
  • script performance optimization
  • code optimization in php
  • zend optimizer/guard/ioncube or source codes encryption
  • accelerators apc/memcached
  • practical application

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OOP Programming

Working with LAMP implies an understanding of the technology, in-depth knowledge related specifically to this complex. The course will acquaint you with all the features of working with Linux operating system, web servers and databases. Experienced specialists will share their knowledge with you in the field of LAMP-development.

The course is designed for people possessing the basic knowledge of programming and database related technologies. The program includes an introduction to Linux and Centos, information on working with web servers and a detailed analysis of data that may be useful in your practical work.

Course program
  • introduction to linux, centos
  • yum and repositories
  • main console commands: ls, rm, copy, chmod, grep, mc, top/htop, service, tail, sed, yum/apt-get, whereis, etc.
  • LAMP setting up and configuration
  • nginx vs apache frontend
  • php-fpm vs apache backend
  • interaction via sockets or ports
  • fine-tuning of mysql, php, nginx, httpd
  • data backup
  • virtual hosting, dynamic hosts in nginx/apache
  • setting up php multiple versions
  • replication in mysql vs mysqldump
  • regular expressions and .htaccess
  • accelerators apc, memcached

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Courses on sites promotion are very popular today. Unfortunately, many of them do not really engage in promotion and stuff participants with abstract facts and irrelevant information. The advantage of the courses that we offer you is an experienced teacher, a specialist who knows his business and has repeatedly proved it in practice.

The course includes basic information as well as specific data about the pros and cons of using completely different methods of promotion: new and old, popular and forgotten.

The purpose of this course is not just to acquaint participants with the boring theory, which is abundant in books and the Internet. The aim of our expert is to give you a unique knowledge gained only from long experience in this field.

Course program
  • introduction and objectives
  • analysis of the current status of web site
  • seo: robots.txt,. htaccess and redirection, title/desc/keywords, xml sitemap
  • rwebmaster tools:,
  • statistics,, setting up goals
  • purchase of paid links,
  • slaunch of advertising campaigns in, google.adwords
  • utm- tags
  • price aggregators and yml:,, etc.
  • yandex islands;
  • structured data and their preparation;
  • ;requirements for the quality of content;
  • evaluation of the quality of content, roi
  • outsourcing and quality assurance

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Sites promotion