Company’s history

Let us review the main stages of development and activities of "T.T. Consulting" Company in each stage:

  • 1994 - Commercialization of Russian technologies in the Western market (the United States);
  • 1996-2000 - Analysis of the Russian telecommunications and IT market under orders from Western clients (Germany);  
  • 2000 - Analysis of the Russian market and promotion of services related to the development and maintenance of telecommunications systems (Teleca Networks);  
  • 1998-2009 - Development of software systems (automated accounting systems) for JSC "Baltika":
    • 1998 - Development of IT accounting system for JSC "Baltika";  
    • 2002 – Foundation of "Tantal" Company (specialization - development of software systems);
    • 2006 - Maintenance and fine tuning of "Truck fleet" system, successfully implemented in JSC "Baltika";  
    • 2006 - Installation and setting up server equipment for JSC "Baltika";
    • 2007 - The beginning of works on Internet projects development (subcontracting, customer - LLC "Tantal");
  • 2009-2011 - Reorientation of the Company (change of functional destination);  
  • 2012 - Entering B&T Group of companies and change of Company's management;
  • 2012 - Implementation of Internet projects for JSC "Imperia Pharma", LLC "Longwy-Pharm", JSC "Gazprom Gas Distribution" and other companies;  
  • 2012 - Conducting Internet Marketing seminars with the Russian School of Management, Central Research Institute "Progress";  
  • 2012 – Introduction of a new direction in the promotion of Internet resources;
  • 2012 - Development of Internet solutions for USA companies, promotion of Internet resources in various countries of the world;
  • 2013 - Increase of the presence at the Russian market.