B&T Group

Organization of B & T Group is committed to integration approach to the issues involving management of the company’s units. On the one hand, as part of its activities, B & T Group is attempting to cover the maximum range of related areas in order to create a unified system of production and product quality control at each stage. On the other hand, it focuses on high specialization of each direction separately from the other, in order to improve quality and professionalism of work. Separate areas cover branding and analytics, designing, photo, video, work with the Internet space and training. But they all work within the same complex and are closely interacting at various stages of project implementation.

Each direction is dealt with by a team of professionals under the guidance of an experienced manager. The distinctive feature of all the professionals is that they truly live in their profession, it is important for them to develop not only the company, but also the branch in general.

Currently, B & T Group opens a representative office in Moscow. The professionals who already know the Moscow market are working there. Being supported by several teams, the employees of the new department have the potential to create competitive products on the Moscow market, thanks to their undisputable creativity and experience.

All experts in B & T Group periodically undergo advanced training, skills development or review of the current market situation. This enables the employees to grow professionally and to work with the innovative projects, already having significant experience background.

More information about the company and its projects can be found on the website - http://bitltd.ru